Ambassade Hotel

One of the most romantic Amsterdam hotels, the Ambassade Hotel is ideal for those on Honeymoon, valentine’s breaks or just going for a romantic trip to one of the most cultural cities in the world. The Ambassade hotel is also among the best located of all of the Amsterdam hotels, with its location pushing it into the top three hotels on many Amsterdam hotels rating websites.

That not to say the rest of the hotel is a letdown, although the fact the building is made up of 10 17tyh century canal side homes on a prime stretch of Singel and Herengracht canal makes it hard to start the review talking about anything else.

The Ambassade is one of a number of Amsterdam hotels that have been singled out in previous reviews by people describing the hotel as elegant, and the hotel fits into the city like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle, despite being built many moons ago.

The hotel is rumoured to be the most used of the many Amsterdam hotels by authors, and many a novel has been written overlooking the waterways out the windows of the sumptuously decorated rooms at the Ambassade.

Talking of hotel rooms, the Ambassade is one of the larger Amsterdam hotels, with 59 rooms spread across the ten houses, and each room has a different style and place in the hotels 400 year history as interior designers have taken it in turn to dress a room with antiques and modern art of many different origins and cultures.

Many reviewers point to the attic rooms as their favourites, citing the atmosphere as the main selling point of such Amsterdam hotels best rooms.

When not spending time in your room, or out exploring Amsterdam, like many Amsterdam hotels the hotel has a restaurant, although this particular restaurant is used mainly for buffet breakfasts, served until 11 during the week and 11.30 at the weekends to allow guests time to lie in on their relaxing break.

Being among the more expensive of the Amsterdam hotels, rooms start at around £100 a night, and suites and peak season rooms can cost twice that. Breakfast is an extra 16.5 Euros and can also be served to you in your room. Like many Amsterdam hotels, the Ambassade offers bike hire to those wishing to explore Amsterdam by bike.

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