Banks Mansion

The Banks mansion is another of the top five Amsterdam hotels in many reviewers thoughts, and here at Amsterdam Hotels we secretly rank it top. The hotel itself is very modern, and a step away from the cultural hotels we are used to staying in whilst reviewing the best Amsterdam hotels.

The hotel itself is one of the few Amsterdam hotels that was designed with help from the Amsterdam School of Architecture, and reeks of art deco.

Bedrooms have square clocks and modern looking rugs, and modern walk in showers in found in nearly all of the en-suite bathrooms. Guests looking for a quiet stay in Amsterdam hotels are advised to pay the extra to upgrade to a canal facing room, as the rooms which face the Vijzelstraat street are not perfect for those who want a complete lack of background noise to their stay.

The hotel is another of the better located Amsterdam hotels, with its Herengracht canal location making it an ideal place to base yourself during your stay in Amsterdam.

Away from the bedrooms in the Bank Mansion you can find a breakfast room and lounge area where drinks and bar snacks are available most of the time. The breakfast is truly something to behold, and staff make fresh to order omelettes of your choice which will wow most guests.

It’s here that we find one of the true selling points of the Banks Mansion, and this selling point stands it apart from other Amsterdam hotels in our eyes. The hotel is almost all inclusive, so customers will not be asked to pay extra for their breakfast, simply paying one price for their stay. On top of that, drinks from the mini bar, £3 for a can of Coke in so many other Amsterdam hotels are also free of charge, as are the decanters of spirits found in each room, and the internet and movie channels found on your television.

In the lounge, free pastries, nibbles, snacks and drinks are also offered free of charge, making the Banks Mansion truly unique among other Amsterdam hotels and being the only all inclusive hotel we have come across in the city so far.

Those who will spend some time in their hotel room and bar will certainly get value for money from the Banks Mansion, although those who prefer to spend time elsewhere may benefit from a cheaper hotel from our Amsterdam hotels range.

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