Boogards Bed and Breakfast

Of all the 3 star Amsterdam hotels, the Boogards Bed and Breakfast is arguably the best, and many people who have stayed there would stay there over any four and five star hotel in the city. What the hotel lacks in hotel ratings criteria, it more than makes up for in culture, style, history and most importantly the hospitality on offer.

The Boogard bed and breakfast got it’s place on the list of Amsterdam hotels when opera singer, Peter Boogard decided to renovate his 17th century home into a modern bed and breakfast, well away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Amsterdam.

One of the hardest of the Amsterdam hotels to find, the Boogards bed and breakfast can be located on a small road between the Herengracht canal, and the single canal.

The hotel is also one of the few Amsterdam hotels which is just five minutes’ walk from central station in the city, making it a truly ideal location to base your assault on the culture of Amsterdam, whatever the reason for your visit.

The bed and breakfast is also one of the smallest of the Amsterdam hotels, with two bedrooms on the top floor, aptly named the Jack Russell and the Pug, and a two bed apartment on the middle floor which is usually rented out for a minimum of three nights. Guests can enjoy prints of the dog for each room on the cushions within the rooms, as well as a Persian rug and black and white designed bathrooms.

The public area shared by the two bedrooms has a free to use computer, rare in Amsterdam hotels, complete with internet access to allow you to plot your assault on everything Amsterdam has to offer, as well as a sofa and all the local literature you can read on where is good to visit and eat.

It is the hospitality of this bed and breakfast that sets it apart from other Amsterdam hotels, with visitors raving about the huge communal breakfasts laid on by David Boogard himself, eaten around one large table with banana fritters and pancakes often on the menu.

Amazingly, and also unique to Amsterdam hotels, Mr Boogard will also do your laundry for no charge, and is happy to talk about the city he loves and give you advice on the best places to visit.

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